Mythic Raid Team Application Form

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Mythic Raid Team Application Form

Postby abys » Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:59 pm

This application form is for the 20man mythic team

Please send your filled-in application, copied from below, to or fill in the google doc

Take your time too fill in all questions. The more info you give us the higher the chances are we are going to trial you. An officer will contact you in the next few days after we received your application.
In order to more easily contact you, please provide us with your #battletag (remember that all applications are confidential and personal information cannot be seen by anyone other than the Officers).


Character Information

What role/spec are you applying for:
Character Name:
Main Spec (+ilvl):
Off Spec (+ilvl):
What is your /played time on this character:
Battle Tag:
Armory Link:
Please link some logs (like from World of Logs/Warcraft Logs) to show us your performance: (optional)

Personal Information
Sex (M/F):
Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself:

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
What experience do you have of end-game raiding (when it was current content) in
a) Current expansion:
b) Previous expansions:

Please list your relevant key binds for raiding or post a screenshot of your ui: (be carefull with the 12mb limit though else your mail gets rejected. 1-2 screenshots max)

What guild(s) have you most recently been in and what was/were the reason(s) to leave?

About your motivation

Can you raid all days we raid (Wed/Thu/Sun 20:00-23:00)?
Are you willing to arrange your real life to make sure you can attend almost all raids?
Do you have any away time planned in the near future? (during your trial you are expected to have a near 100% attendance, so please let us know now if you have holiday booked or exams etc)
Members in Exile you know, if any:
What is it you expect from joining exile:
Why should we accept you over other applicants:

Computer Specifications, including Internet Connection (do you ever get crashes or dc'd, what's your in raid latency?)

Do you have any questions for us?:

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