Heroic Raid Team Application Form

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Heroic Raid Team Application Form

Postby abys » Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:58 pm

Please send your completed application, copied from below, to exileheroic@gmail.com

We will only consider a decent, complete filled in Application. If you do not fill in all questions, chances are we will not accept your application. Take your time to convince us. We have excellent players within the Guild, convince us to consider you. All applications are taken seriously, and go through a number of stages before we make a decision on them. This will not be an instant process, we will contact you when a decision is made, and it may be a few days before you hear of a decision.

Character Information
What role/spec are you applying for:
Character Name:
Main Spec:
Off Spec:

Armoury Link:
iLevel Main Spec:
iLevel Off Spec:
What is your /played time on this character:

Explain in a few words to us how you prioritise your stats and why:
Do you use any websites to stay up-to-date on your class/role? If so, link them below:

Personal Information
Sex (M/F):
Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself:

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
What experience do you have of raiding in:
a) Warlords of Draenor:
b) previous expansions:

What guild(s) have you most recently been in and what was/were the reason(s) to leave?

About your motivation
Can you raid on a Wednesday and Sunday 20:30-22:30 server time?:
Members in Exile you know, if any:
Why do you want to join Exile?:
What is it you expect from joining the guild?:

Do you have any alts that you wish move to the guild?:

Computer Specifications, including Internet Connection (do you ever get crashes or dc'd, what's your in raid latency?):

Do you have any questions for us?:

In order to contact you, please leave an email address or BattlenetID: (remember that all applications are confidential and personal information cannot be seen by anyone other than the Officers)

What happens next?

- On receipt of your application you will receive an acknowledgement of it's receipt.
- Your application will be posted in the officers forum for discussion.
- Your application will be posted (minus personal details) in the Raiders forum for discussion.
- The Officers responsible for the Heroic Raiding Team will decide on the outcome of your application once feedback has been received from Officers and Raiders.
- You will be informed of the decision by the Officers responsible.

Please be patient for a response.

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