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Read before making application - Exile Guild - Magtheridon

Postby abys » Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:57 pm

Welcome to the Exile - Magtheridon EU website and thank you for your interest in our Guild.


Firstly, you do not need a forum account to apply to Exile.

We have two raid teams, run by different officer teams. So please ensure that you apply for the right team!

For Mythic Applications - Go Here
For Normal/Heroic Applications - Go Here


Both teams require dedication, but the Mythic team requires players to play at their best. We require an 80% attendance over a 4 week period.
We expect you to know your class and come to the raids fully prepared for the boss in front of us. That is knowing the tactics, but also in terms of food, flasks and potions.
You must be prepared to work for your place, we are a successful raiding guild and have been ever since we were founded, therefore we require players to do the best by the team, and not what they individually want. There is no place in Exile for a big ego or elitism especially against team members.
We require you to follow the raid leaders orders at all times.

The Mythic team rotates players in and out depending on the fight and its requirements. There maybe times you "ride the bench" for a bit, you are expected to take this with humility and understanding. You are to let your role leader know if there are specific requirements for fights, such as needing specific gear. But your role leader's decision in this matter is final.

Both teams require you to be fully gemmed and enchanted where applicable.


The Mythic Team operates a bidding DKP system. Details will be explained once you join the guild.
The Heroic Team operates a personal loot system/roll system.


We currently use a Discord server available from . You are expected to be online and listening throughout the raids.

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